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I prefer to commence a tarot consultation by doing a “cold reading.” This consists of utilizing a Tarot spread to look  into the life of the client prior to receiving any specific information from them. Within the spread, life events may be revealed from the present, future, and/or   past which are still having an impact on the life of the individual. After the general tarot consultation reading is completed, the client can then ask specific questions for which they may need clarity on situations discussed and probably may have originally motivated them to schedule the session. I ask the client to set their intentions or questions they want answered in the reading during the shuffling of the cards. This will assist the direction of the reading.









I view the astrological chart as a map of the character. Through discovering the overall patterns of our life as revealed in the birth chart, we can choose how we express our thoughts, feelings and actions rather than simply reacting to the events and experiences of our lives. I believe that success in life comes through being able to fully express one’s self as is mapped out in the chart of birth. I assist the individual in understanding himself or herself and cultivate an attitude of self-approval, nurturance and commitment to personal growth.



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